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We are the student housing professionals: Utah & Idaho

Nelson Brothers would like to introduce to you a whole new student experience, where our residents are treated with the upmost respected and appreciation.
Our staff are highly trained and hand picked professionals who know how to treat you right!  We lead with a combination of fairness, fun and compassion.  Since we were once students ourselves, we know how to connect with our residents.  Nelson Brothers is proud to present the new age of student living.  We welcome you to visit us and we will do everything in our power to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  We thank you for your time!   We have properties in Provo, Orem, St George, Salt Lake, Logan and Rexburg!

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Professional Service

Nelson Brothers owns numerous student housing properties in the Utah & Idaho area. With our successful track record of providing students with the best quality living arrangements, you can count on us!





Whether it’s upgraded kitchen appliances, a BBQ pit, or a double decker hot tub, we want you to feel at home. Click on our property websites below to see what amenities you could enjoy next semester.




Social Life

Lifelong friendships and memories are made in college. At Nelson Brothers’ properties, we provide lounge areas and host events for our residents in order to create a fun and social atmosphere year-round.





We know college students are busy, so we provide maintenance services around the clock. Our residents are our priority. We will work with you to meet your needs and keep your housing property running smoothly.



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