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Fitness goals: 8 ways to get fit without a gym

Looking to get fit but dread using a workout machine or paying for a gym pass? Check out these fitness ideas to keep you healthy and motivated without competing for a treadmill at the gym. Yoga Breathe in. Breathe out. Yoga can be both relaxing and strengthening. If you’re not feeling up to lifting weights [...]

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Student budget: How to avoid eating ramen every day

Hooray! You just graduated, moved into your own apartment, and are finally free from your parent’s grasp. Here comes the Trix cereal, cheeseburgers, ice cream -- you name it. But wait, what’s this? Your new student budget means a grocery balance of $25...not ideal for all the delicious meals and snacks you planned.   I’ve [...]

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The Lazy Guide to Keeping Your Apartment Clean

Do you ever wish your apartment had a fairy godmother to help clean up once in a while? While we can’t promise a magic wand and “bippity boppity boo,” we have a few simple ideas for keeping things tidy. Doing little tasks to keep your apartment clean will help you feel better and avoid having [...]

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Stay sane with these genius apartment organization tips

We’ve all been there before—it’s Monday morning, clothes are strewn out into the hallway, and you can’t find your other shoe. Your textbooks are also nowhere to be found, you need a pencil to take an exam this afternoon, and what’s that stench? Sound familiar? Your apartment may be in need of an organization detox. Don’t worry! [...]

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